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AAFS Executive Director Honored With Impact Award!

Last night, our Founder and Executive Director, Itedal Shalabi, was one of 9 women honored at the 2017 Impact Awards, hosted by the Chicago Foundation for Women. Itedal was recognized for her outstanding leadership and her work on behalf of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors within our community. Over the years, Itedal, Nareman Taha, (Co-Founder and Director) and the AAFS staff have proven time and time again that they will continue to cultivate programs that reflect the needs and desires of our community. We are truly proud of Itedal and all the recipients who shared the stage with her. Itedal is beyond grateful for this award and looks forward to continuing to fight against injustice.


Eva Lewis, Maxine Wint, Natalie Braye, Itedal Shalabi, Janice Rodgers, Anne Ladky (Left to Right)

The other awardees included Ann Ladky, executive director and founding member of Women Employed, who was recognized for her work advocating for women in the workplace. Her organization led the fight for paid sick time in Cook-County and Chicago to ensure that nearly 1 million can take paid sick time for them or their loved ones. Janice Rodgers was honored for her work representing and advising nonprofit organizations and Esther Saks was recognized for her work on behalf of civil rights, women’s rights, educational rights for girls and reproductive rights. Natalie Braye, Sophia Byrd, Eva Lewis, and Mazine Wint, the youngest award recipeints of the night. They received the Pioneer Award for organizing a Chicago Youth Sit-In and March Against Police Brutality, that took place last summer. To hear more about each of these amazing women, watch this incredible video and listen to their stories┬áhere!



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