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A Home Away From Home – AAFS Success Story

Raeda J, the Case Management employee who assisted this client

A home away from home.

Last spring, Arab American Family Services came in contact with a newly divorced, mother of 3, staying with a friend. Like many of the clients we have had, when she first came into AAFS, she was distraught, worried and afraid for the livelihood of her and her children. She had recently migrated to the United States from Jordan and was struggling to find a way to make America the land of opportunity for her and her children. She was not only hindered by a language barrier, but also by the absence of family in the U.S. and the lack of finances. At the time that she was referred to us, she and her three children were staying with a friend.

Raeda, the case management employee who took on this case, was able to assist and comfort her client’s fears as she went through the could be daunting process of filling out paperwork. After signing her client up for any benefit programs she may be eligible for, Raeda found that the client was denied food stamps, but she was able to get medical care for her children. Since she was unable to receive medical benefits for herself, Raeda signed her up for Access to Care, a benefit program that offers health benefits at a low cost to those who are unable to afford insurance. Raeda also signed the client up for the “Adopt a Family Eid Drive” and the “Back to School Drive”,  so that her family would receive shoes, clothing, school supplies and essentials, sponsored by a local community member. During this time, we also referred her to our employment assistance program. Through this program, were able to give her the tools necessary to land a job.

Raeda’s client came in a few months ago and updated us on her progress. We are happy to say that she is now employed at Walmart and able to assist her family. She is in good spirits and truly empowered through the services and assistance AAFS and our community members were able to give her.


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