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AAFS App Wins Verizon Innovative Learning Contest

AAFS App Wins Verizon Innovative Learning Contest

This past week, a team of three Gwendolyn Brooks Academy students qualified to participate in the Verizon Innovative Learning showcase, winning first place for their app design.

Ambrelyn Rodriguez, Jaquelyn Romero, and Mareanna White collaborated to design an app that would serve the needs of AAFS clients.  

“We created a multi-language accessible app with an event calendar and a hotline that would allow the clients to be assisted when needed,” said Jaquelyn Romero. “Our app is different is because you can talk through the hotline function at any time of day when you are available and it would schedule a request notification to AAFS even if it’s closed.


The Verizon Innovative Learning Showcase, in partnership with Arizona State University’s school for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, featured ten teams from high schools across Chicago. This showcase was part of the #weneedmore campaign, making the field of STEM available for all students, regardless of their background.


“One of the great things about this was that the students got to learn about real life situations and come up with solutions for those businesses. I saw how hard my students worked, our students worked, to get here,” Lina Zayed, the students’ teachers says.

“My thanks to Nareman and Itedal for the opportunity. This is our first year doing this and we’re looking forward to next year. It has been hard as well as a very very good learning opportunity.”

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