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AAFS Asks the Community to Give Back During this Holy Month

With Ramadan upon us, many take this time of the year to reflect on themselves, set goals on how to be better Muslims. Another wonderful aspect about Ramadan is it is a time to give back to those who are less fortunate. Those who are struggling, those who need help getting by. Many Muslims in our communities will struggle to put food on the table and ensure that their children will not sleep hungry.

Zakat, or alms-giving, is the practice of charitable giving by Muslims based on accumulated wealth, and is obligatory for all who are able to do so. The amount of zakat to be paid on capital assets is 2.5 percent.

At Arab American Family Services, we are considered a zakat eligible organization. Aside from just accepting zakat contributions, AAFS is also able to accept the mandatory zakat al-fitr, which is a donation that is given at the end of the month or Ramadan, just before the Eid prayer is conducted.

Your donations will keep AAFS strong and ensure that our programs will continue to grow and continue to be successful. It also ensures that the 7,000 families that turn to AAFS throughout the year will be taken care of and will continue to get the help they need to get back on their feet.

Whether it is a family that is struggling to make ends meet, or concerned that they do not know where their next meal will come from, or a single mother who cannot make her rent payment and is in danger of being put out on the street with her children, your donation makes serving these people and clients from all walks of life possible.

Donations can be made through our website, or even in person at our office on 9044 S. Octavia in Bridgeview. For more questions, please call (708) 599-2237.

Let Ramadan be a time for reflection and a time for giving back. May this month bring you and your family ample blessings this month, and the whole year around. Thank you.










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