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AAFS encourages Senior support with #ILOlderAdults campaign

AAFS encourages Senior support with #ILOlderAdults campaign

With the AAFS #ILOlderAdults Campaign, we are aiming to create awareness and encourage support for Older Adult programs and services in our communities. In this series of photos, we ask AAFS clients and staff, “Why are Older Adult programs and services important?”

Josette: “Wow, the thought that anyone would even begin to stop any program that would help any person in need is heartbreaking. When I was a child, the lady downstairs from me was eating cat food one day. I went upstairs and told my mother, and she began to tell me how hard it was for all seniors to make ends meet. My mother was also living paycheck to paycheck but never mentioned it. That¬†is one of the things that has stuck with me for more than 50 years. After that, my mother went down stairs to talk to her and told her it was okay to ask for help. We then found out she had to choose to pay her bills or eat.¬†That’s when my mother took her to get help to pay her bills so she could eat. That is why I always help people in need. Please don’t stop helping the people in need. Thank you.”

Rabah: “This is what America is all about – helping needy families and senior citizens. Senior programs should be improved not reduced.”
Donia: “Because we are preserving the older generation!”
Raghed: “To keep the elderly engaged in the community, keeps them from falling into depression mode.”
Ahmad: “Older adults are of limited capabilities and resources to cope with their basic needs.”

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