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AAFS Gives Back to the Needy!

AAFS Gives Back to the Needy!

Volunteers serving food for those in need PC: Benjanour Design

On Friday, March 10, 2017, Arab American Family Services traveled to St. Mark Lutheran Church in Worth, Illinois, to feed those in need. As each of the AAFS team members arrived, we noticed participants huddled near the doors. When asked if participants knew that the event was set to begin in an hour, I was notified that many times attendees lined up as early as noon. It was a devastating sight to see, but it was eye-opening, especially knowing that these are members of our community. We had only been there for a few minutes, and already we were profoundly moved by this experience. It gave the AAFS team all the more reason to pour our hearts into the goodness of serving others.

Part of the AAFS Staff Volunteering PC Credit: Benjanour Design

Leading up to this event, AAFS staff members exchanged messages throughout the week as they coordinated entrees, desserts, snacks and utensils, amongst other things. We gathered a few volunteers from the community and openheartedly headed over to the site. Greeting us was Flo. Flo, who is the Senior Site Coordinator, has been volunteering with the Church and BEDs Plus, for the last 10 years. She expressed to me her joy and gratitude for AAFS joining them and especially appreciated us providing those in need with a hot, home-cooked meal because it is something they rarely see. The mouth-watering scent of curry, rice, chicken, and mostaccioli filled the shelter as attendees flooded through the doors, each one pleasantly surprised.

Young Adults Volunteering to feed the needy PC Benjanour Design

As we provided food and comfort to these individuals, we noticed that some came with families, and others with friends, but most came alone. Society, politics and the media tells us that if a person is homeless it is because they are “lazy” and “don’t want to work”, but the truth is, most of the attendees at this event are currently working, but the costs of living had created a financial strain on them and their families. Because of that, they

St. Mark Church, Volunteer Staff PC: Benjanour Design

sometimes don’t have access to food. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce our services so that they can utilize any programs that they may be eligible for. Participants were pleasantly surprised by the services we offer and beyond thrilled to have gotten a hot home cooked meal. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to volunteering again in the future!

**AAFS is an organization that is committed to assisting individuals throughout our community and empowering them through our services. If you or someone you may know needs assistance, please reach out to us. If we are unable to directly assist you, we will be able to refer you to someone.

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  1. Thanks for your partnership! BEDS Plus is happy to work in service with you to serve our community!

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