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AAFS presents cultural competency training at Way Back Inn in Maywood

AAFS presents cultural competency training at Way Back Inn in Maywood

Arab American Family Services (AAFS) co-founder and executive director, Itedal Shalabi, and team member, Sofia Benidettino, recently presented a cultural competency training at Way Back Inn in Maywood, Illinois for members of administration and counselors of the organization, including two interns from the Chicago School of Psychology. The Way Back Inn serves adult men and women who are suffering from alcohol, drug, and gambling dependence by helping them achieve continuous sobriety.

Since the Way Back Inn work with people who suffer from addiction, Itedal’s presentation focused on cultural competency regarding working with Arab clients. She explained the differences between being Arab and Muslim, and made sure to touch on aspects of both identities, how they’re different, and how they overlap. Many of the attendees shared that they did not previously have much knowledge about Arabs, Muslims, and the Middle East. The presentation rounded out with trivia questions about Islam and Middle Eastern countries, surprising the staff with the answers. After the training, it was clear that the staff had been able to both gain new skills and correct previous assumptions that could have harmed more than helped.

To book a cultural competency training at your organization or company, please contact Arab American Family Services at (708) 599-2237.

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