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AAFS Seniors learn about nutrition and elder abuse

AAFS Seniors learn about nutrition and elder abuse

Arab American Family Services (AAFS) recently held two educational workshops for Seniors aimed at helping improve the quality of life of elders in our community.

The first workshop focused on elder abuse and was held on June 28 at the Bridgeview Community Center. This workshop was held in commemoration of Elder Abuse Awareness Day in June. Nearly two dozen seniors learned about the various types of abuse that occur in the senior community. Many of the seniors actively engaged in the conversation. Many Seniors assumed Senior abuse does not regularly happen, however, they learned that it is more prevalent than they previously thought. Many cases of abuse against seniors is caused by family members. AAFS staff concluded the workshop by explaining the process of reporting elder abuse and how to protect seniors in our community.

The second workshop, led by AAFS Elderly Coordinator Mariam Ideis, focused on nutrition and was held at the Bridgeview Community Center on July 12. More than a dozen seniors learned about the different nutrients that an individual is putting in their body. Seniors engaged in activities like putting the amount of sugar they consume from drinks in one day into a jar. They also had to guess how many calories were in each food item. After a discussion, we compared the different pictures of food and had seniors guess how many healthy items equal one unhealthy item. For example, it would take approximately 3 apples to equal the same amount of calories as a slice of pie.

With educational workshops such as these, AAFS seeks to empower the Seniors in our community. We encourage our seniors to participate and for community members like you to support our work! Learn more or contribute by contacting Mariam Ideis at mideis@aafsil.org.

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