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AAFS Takes its Services to Minnesota!

AAFS changing lives in Minnesota!

Last week, Arab American Family Services was honored to be part of a week-long great national initiative between AAFS and the United Food & Commercial Worker (UFCW), in Minnesota. I, Rima Najia, was sent there to help the members of their union become citizens. It was a humbling and amazing experience to be able to engage with the community at large, to help and provide them with the necessary support. We were able to meet approximately 120 members, providing them with the legal advice necessary to see if they qualify to become citizens at this time.

We were there to support them and ease their anxiety these difficult times, showing them that each and every one of them is important and essential to this country. With teamwork and commitment to providing only the best to our community members at large, we thrive to show everyone how important it is to unite and collaborate with one another. We were excited to be able to process around 38 applications, but the education that we provided for them was the actual success story here. They each left with a sense of strength

Rima Najia (AAFS), featured with factory Trainee, Eric Dappen

and pride in themselves, leaving us with statements like ” at least now I know what I need to do cause I never had anyone to ask and never knew where to go”, and ” I really appreciate you taking the time to explain to me what the process looks like” or

 “thank you for being here and talking to me in Arabic – I was so excited when I heard from the other members that there is someone helping us that speaks Arabic “. It made my day, knowing I was able to make a difference in someone’s life by communicating with them in their own language.
Being at the forefront, on the ground and out there helping our community is a key factor to breaking any barriers we have with one another. And it’s something we at Arab American Family Services pride ourselves with the continuous engagement we have with our community as a whole. Together we can accomplish anything if we have the heart and will to do so.
Article written by Rima Najia

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