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Cultural Diversity Training

Arab American Family Services sees a strong need among mainstream communities and their organizations to become more aware of and sensitive to the cultural and religious differences and needs of Arab-Americans. Therefore, the agency reaches out to mainstream audiences and institutions in the southwest suburbs and the Chicagoland area and throughout the state and country, through the presentation of a variety of cultural and religious awareness seminars and workshops. The goal of AAFS is to¬†educate mainstream institutions and enhance their skills when dealing with Arab-Americans. AAFS’ cultural awareness training also serves as a way to educate Arab immigrants and refugees about the cultural values and practices of mainstream culture.

AAFS has organized and facilitated awareness sessions over the years for personnel within the following organizations:

  • Hospitals
  • Police departments
  • Elementary, middle and high school as well as their respected school districts
  • Community agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Social service agencies
  • Local businesses
  • Corporations




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