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December’s Employee of the Month

December Spotlight!

The employee of the month for December was Najwa S! Saleh, has been a part of the AAFS family since 2006 and was one of the spearheads that amplified the development of the Elderly Department. Her contribution, passion, and dedication are only a few of the characteristics that make her an asset to our team. Aside from being passionate about her work, Saleh enjoys spending quality time with family and embracing every moment she has with them. She is also a committed Bulls fan! When asked what inspires her and what motivates her to be a part of the AAFS family, her face brightens up as she says, “When I see an elderly client, I take it to heart, even when it comes to new clients, They look at me like I am their daughter and I look at them as if they are my family. They confide in me and open up. There’s also a rewarding and incredible feeling when clients make dua (prayer) for my family, and because I know it’s from the heart, that means everything to me.“

Employees gave the following reasons as to why they nominated her:

“She is the glue in the elderly department. Without her, it would not run as smoothly.”

“Najwa works extremely hard, she knows her clients, and they love her.Anytime I have a question or need help, she is there for more and it is a pleasure to work with her at AAFS.”

“She is very thorough with her work and encourages her coworkers to be so as well. She also makes sure her work is very well organized making it easy for others to carry on with the case without a problem.”

“I nominate, Najwa, for her peaceful look and calming voice when she reassures her clients while attending to their needs, and for her pure honesty when giving advice or suggestions; she speaks from her heart.”

“For her unconditional work ethics, regardless of whether it’s after hours or if she’s working a fair or speaking on behalf of AAFS, she does it with such professionalism and grace (she never tries to drop the ball when it’s in her court). I call her the POSTER CHILD OF AAFS.”

“I nominate, Najwa, for the employee of the month because, she is very helpful whenever you ask her anything. She goes above and beyond for her clients and coworkers and I can always depend on her for help whenever I ask for it. She is just all around amazing!”

“Because she always goes Above and beyond. She is always willing to drop anything to help her co-workers with anything and she truly cares about the clients and treats them like her own parents.”

We are grateful to have you on the team Najwa, and look forward to many more years of great service!

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