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Arab American Family Services (AAFS) is an Illinois 501c3 nonprofit social service agency, committed to enhancing the lives of the Arab-American community through educational programs and services. AAFS has been serving the community since 2001. We have since evolved into an innovative, dynamic nonprofit organizations serving Arab-Americans in Illinois.
AAFS has college internships available for those pursuing a degree in social work. If you are interested in learning about the Arab American community, the culture, how to help Arab Americans, or to serve immigrant communities, low-income families, want to learn about advocacy, or make change, AAFS is your place.
AAFS accepts students both undergraduates and graduates in all various fields and universities. Our interns have come to us from various schools, serving our community in different ways. For internship opportunities, please call (708) 599-2237, or email us: info@arabamericanfamilyservices.org.

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