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Help us raise $10,000 in these last days of Ramadan

Help us raise $10,000 in these last days of Ramadan

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Dear Friends,

Itedal and I are asking you to join us in the last days of Ramadan and help us raise $10,000 as part of our #RamadanChallenge. Donate at www.aafsil.org.

Help us ensure that all the good we have done in this month, for ourselves and for those around us is continued not only through the last days of Ramadan, but also in the time that follows this blessed month.

Our families will continue to need you now and after Ramadan. There is never an end to doing good. In the next three days, we hope that you will give your zakat to AAFS and help us continue the work we do best – building and strengthening families.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity.


Nareman Taha & Itedal Shalabi
Co-founders of Arab American Family Services (AAFS)

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