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Jafar’s story: How AAFS supports our Seniors

Jafar’s story: How AAFS supports our Seniors

Jafar came to Arab American Family Services (AAFS) in May with a stack of mail. The letters he held in his hand were medical bills that accumulated to over $13,000. Jafar shared how his medical card was cut off, and therefore, he was stuck with medical bills for several months.

Jafar has multiple medical conditions; from cancer to diabetes. He needed to go to the doctor but had no means of paying his current medical bills or even future bills. Mariam, Senior Coordinator of Elderly Services at AAFS, applied for a new medical card for Jafar and completed multiple financial assistance applications to help cover his debt.

Upon submitting Jafar’s financial assistance applications, she asked Jafar to inform her of any updates. Jafar returned in July with a letter from Palos hospital. This letter stated that Jafar’s bill of $10,412 was covered and he no longer owes this amount. Mariam decided to call the other billing companies to see what happened with the other applications. She found that Jafar’s Carelink application was approved and he no longer owes the $1,038 that was due.

The other applications are still pending but Jafar was extremely grateful to find out that he saved over $11,000, but that he also received his medical card in the mail so that he could continue to receive medical coverage without having the burden on his shoulders.

Jafar’s story is one of the many examples of how AAFS supports Seniors in our community. If you need help, or would like to learn more, please contact mideis@aafsil.org.

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