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January’s Employee of the Month

January’s Spotlight!

The employee of the month for January was Ibtessam A! Ibtessam is one of the Domestic Violence Advocates at AAFS and has been with us since 2004! Aside from being an integral part of our organization, Ibtessam has always been an extremely involved member of the community, either tutoring someone who needed assistance or volunteering her time by participating in community projects. On the side, she enjoys crafting and painting and often incorporates her talents into her work. When asked what her job means to her, Ibtessam described it as being “such a privilege to be in this position, assisting women and people in crisis. It is a privilege and an honor that people trust their lives in my hands, and I am humbled to assist and empower them.”

Here are a few reasons as to why employees nominated her:

“Her kind & sweet personality and positivity at the office is amazing. She makes sure her clients are well taken care of and truly fights and advocates for them”

“Her dedication and perseverance show in her work ethics. She would just throw herself 100% into her duties and takes it very seriously and wholeheartedly and you can see that in her quality of work”

“I enjoy working with her always, she’s a great team player and we work greatly together in both our departments”

“She always goes above and beyond to make sure that her clients are safe and sound. I’m so proud of her.”

“Always hard working, always there to help when I nag, always bringing new ideas” Ibtessam

“She is dedicated and hard working, very creative and uses her creativity incorporating it in the workshops with her clients.  She is caring and loyal to AAFS.”


We thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Ibtessam! We are truly grateful to have you on our team!

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