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Monthly Women Empowerment Workshop

On February 9, 2017, we hosted our first AAFS Women’s Empowerment Workshop! Because of the importance of educating our community members about balancing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we decided to develop a monthly event that caters to women in our community. With a cup of coffee in hand, and a judgment-free space, a dialogue was exchanged and questions were answered. Each month AAFS will present a workshop with relatable themes and concerns that are currently on the rise in our community. This month’s theme was Women’s Health. Attendees were able to voice their concerns and ask questions that they were once discouraged from asking, due to cultural expectations and taboos.

To kick off this workshop, Advocate at AAFS Akram invited Nurses Celestine Corrigan and Marcina Asmar, from the Cook County Department of Public Health, joined us as our guest speakers. Discussions ranged from protecting yourself from catching a sexually transmitted disease, overcoming domestic violence and sexual assault, to battling depression and balancing life as a working woman. Attendees that perhaps initially felt intimidated by the topics presented, were able to establish a sisterhood and bond with those in attendance. Tears were shed as these women came together to not only socialize but to support one another through their struggles in a safe space, reminding them that they are not alone.

If you have questions regarding this topic or need assistance regarding domestic violence or sexual assault, please feel free to reach out to us at (708) 599-AAFS (2237)

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