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Ramadan While School is in Session

Ramadan while school is in session

Saturday, May 27, 2017, marked the first day of Ramadan this year. Ramadan is the sacred month for Muslims across the world. For those of you who may not know, Muslims fast from dawn until sunset for 29 or 30 days (depending on the moon sighting). Because it has been over 5 years since Ramadan took place during the school year, school administrators and faculty were not sure what to expect or how to approach this year’s, Ramadan.


With long days of fasting, it can be challenging for all ages, but it can particularly be challenging for young children observing Ramadan. Upon realizing it was Ramadan, teachers, and administrators in local public schools scrambled, unsure of how to navigate students during lunch time.


A concerned parent in the area recently reached out to the school board and administrators to suggest that students be given the opportunity to participate in an intramural activity, or be given more options, rather than be seated separately at a table in the lunchroom while classmates eat.    


The districts were aware and very empathetic about Ramadan. Upon discussing it with a concerned parent, the principals organized more than one option, allowing students the option to sit with friends in the cafeteria, participate in sports activities in the gym, play board games or read.


Board members have discussed sending out letters to parents to ask if their children will be participating in Ramadan, to ensure that they are able to accommodate each student. AAFS is a proud supporter of getting involved in community matters and supporting those who need assistance. 


What are some of the ways your child spends their time in school during Ramadan?


AAFS is watching this case closely to ensure that there are no issues moving forward. Contact us if you have any issues regarding your child fasting while in school.

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