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Take Action: Urge your representative to support SB 3488!

Take Action: Urge your representative to support SB 3488!

Arab American Family Services (AAFS) welcomes the Illinois Senate decision to pass Senate Bill 3488 (the Anti-Registry Program Act). The bill passed 39-0 and now advances to the Illinois House.

The Anti-Registration Program Act ensures that the state of Illinois will not participate in a registry program or provide any personal demographic information to any government authority that is requesting it for the purpose of creating a registry program and/or requiring registration of people in the program.

The bill was proposed as a response to anti-Muslim rhetoric from by then-candidate and now-President Donald Trump.

>> Read more about SB 3488 – The Anti-Registry Program Act

“With this, Illinois sends a message. The government forcing people to register their religion is fundamentally un-American. It conjures up ugly imagery of the past that should never be repeated,” said Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton, the lead sponsor of the bill.

“We applaud Senator John J. Cullerton and the Illinois Senate for their bold leadership on this important bill. The Anti-Registry Program Act is a critical piece of legislation that protects Illinois residents from being targeted based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious belief, or other characteristics.” said Itedal Shalabi, Co-Founder and Executive Director of AAFS.

>> Contact your Representative and urge support for Senate Bill 3488

As the bill moves on to the Illinois House, AAFS is working alongside its community and a wide range of coalitions to call for the House’s support of the Anti-Registry Program Act.

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