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The Last Potluck Before Ramadan

Did you notice that we open up at 11 am on Friday’s? No, we are not sleeping in, we’re working on strategies to improve our programs for you! It is the last Friday before Ramadan and because many staff members are participating in Ramadan, the staff decided to put together a potluck.

The last potluck before Ramadan

For those of you who many not know, Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims, because it is the month that Muslims believe the Quran was revealed. Muslims all over the world fast from dawn until dusk and increase prayer and charity during this time. Fasting includes, abstaining from any form of drinking (water, soda, etc), and eating.

(Featured left to right) Suyapa M and Amani A

Because Ramadan goes by the Lunar Calendar, the start date changes each year. The days are longer this year, but nonetheless, those who are participating are excited!

Are you celebrating Ramadan? If so, how does your family prepare and celebrate it?





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